How Many Homes Should I See Before Writing an Offer?

Some common questions we get when we are working with a buyer is, How many homes should I look at before writing an offer? How many showings are too many? Have I seen enough homes to know if I am ready to take the next step? These questions always lead to a good discussion as buying a home is often one of the largest investments we will make in our lifetimes and at Patriot Realty we believe the process should be fun and our clients should be comfortable with each phase.

We have a philosophy that all showings are time well spent and the timeline to feel comfortable in writing an offer is always different because every buyer’s situation is different! Because of this, there is no set number of houses you should see before you make an offer. With different variables for each client including: budget, type of property, flexibility of timeline, etc., you should always maintain focus on what your ultimate goals are. When out on showings, it is always important for a buyer to be vocal about their opinions of each property so that their Realtor can better understand the entire scope of what the client is thinking. Understanding what a buyer is thinking when comparing and contrasting properties will ensure that we as agents can best serve our clients.

There is no set formula for home buying, it all depends on the criteria and goals for each buyer. Our goal as Realtors is to empower clients to feel great about the ultimate decision that they make. By keeping your focus on your main goals and trusting your agent to help throughout the process the home buying process should be fun, educational and successful! Feel free to reach out to our team at Patriot to help with your next purchase!

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