About Me


Andy Freeland




Real estate is, and always has been, my passion! I have been involved in the industry for over 12 years. My background has helped me develop a skill set and knowledge base that makes me more than just a sales person. I worked in various construction trades during college while studying real estate at St. Cloud State University. In 2009 I obtained my general contractors license and began investing in real estate.

Over the years I have purchased, designed, renovated, flipped, leased, and managed residential real estate. My background in construction and design helps me identify problems and possibilities in homes when working with buyers. I can also be a great resource when it is time to get a home ready to market for sale. My experience as an investor translates directly to improved negotiations for my clients; both and the sale and purchase of a transaction. I continually strive to learn and grow in all areas, with emphasis on bringing the best value and great service to all my clients.


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