The ideas that helped build the model for Patriot Realty stemmed from the aftermath of the 2008 housing crisis.

It became concerning for us to see the 50% attrition rate among new agents in the industry along with the lack of care that some agents showed toward their clients. Upon analyzing various brokerage models it was apparent that most larger brokerage models offered more tools than any one agent could utilize, which resulted in excessive fees passed down to their agents and clients. While smaller brokerage models often lacked the basic support needed to help their newer agents grow and flourish in the industry. Patriot Realty envisioned a new model that utilized client relationships, a supportive agent culture, and modern technology to build a new model that benefited both our clients and agents.

Patriot Realty was founded by our broker Luke Juhl in 2015. The brokerage was established with the values laid out above, putting our clients’ satisfaction and agent’s development and success above brokerage profits. The brokerage started as a home basement office in St Anthony, and by 2016 had added a couple of additional agents in addition to an office in Golden Valley. In 2019, Patriot Realty had grown to 11 licensed agents, had moved from Golden Valley to a brand new office in Roseville while adding a second office in Minnetonka, and in 2019 alone we helped our clients buy and sell over 23.5 million dollars worth of property.

As Patriot Realty keeps growing, we look forward to helping more of our clients achieve their real estate goals and continuing to help agents develop their businesses. We look forward to adding more cutting edge tools and services to our inventory, as we keep transforming the real estate industry for the better.

Minnesota Buyers and Sellers Love Working With Patriot Realty

Our Vision:

A real estate industry where costs are lower and people can trust their agents.

Our Mission:

To improve the real estate industry by empowering our agents to provide exceptional service to their clients.

Our Goals:

Establish Lasting Relationships with our Clients through Exceptional Service and continued support through outreach and availability even after the transaction has closed.

Provide our Clients with Exceptional Service through our agents who put their clients goals before anything else, while educating clients on the process, and helping their clients achieve those goals.

Drive Down Costs in the Real Estate Industry by utilizing leading edge technology where it can help cut costs and lowering fees for clients while increasing commission splits to our agents.

Provide Agents with a Model that Lets them Thrive by offering the support, tools, and education they need for their businesses to succeed, while not forcing them to pay for the things that they don’t.

Maintain a Supportive Culture that is Imparted to our Agents and Clients through positive examples set by our senior agents, monthly team meetings, and a model that rewards communication and support.

Our Team’s Core Values:

Integrity: Our team provides transparency to build trust with all clients and on every transaction.

Client Focus: Our team will put clients’ goals and needs ahead of their own.

Excellence: Our team looks to provide service that goes above and beyond expectations and industry standards.

Accountability: Our team commits to maintaining the confidence and deadlines established in any relationship