A Big Update for 2021

Let me take this opportunity to provide an update to bring you up to speed on some exciting news and changes!

Effective March 2021, I have transitioned from splitting my time between representing clients while also managing a brokerage, to a role where I am able to put all of my focus into helping my wonderful clients achieve their goals of buying and selling real estate!

The past year has been very interesting and difficult in many ways and the dream of growing a team of agents at Patriot Realty and helping them each find individual success has been made much harder given Covid and everything that has come with it. Late in 2020, I sat down with a mentor and friend of mine, Marty Rathmanner, and discussed the operational difficulties of trying to manage a brokerage during these crazy times. Marty used to have his own brokerage and roughly 10 years ago he found his way back into focusing 100% on helping his clients buy and sell real estate. Marty called me about a week later and one meeting led to two, and so on. Ultimately the result of numerous meetings with Marty was aligning with him and focusing 100% on helping clients buy and sell real estate under the Keller Williams brand. Marty has 30 years of industry experience and our networks match up very well which will make the transition to team up with him a perfect fit!

The decision to transition away from Patriot Realty Inc. has many emotions, but it is 100% the right thing for my clients, my family, my health and my work/life balance. I have run myself ragged for many years growing Patriot Realty Inc. and I have tons of great experiences and memories from it! I am proud looking back at all of the clients that we helped serve and the real estate careers of some of my team members that started at Patriot Realty Inc.! I am very happy about the fact that the other nine members of Patriot Realty Inc. have continued working within the industry and six of them actually have transitioned over to Keller Williams, just like I have.

Although the branding has changed from Patriot Realty Inc. to Keller Williams, my dedication to serving my clients and working seven days a week in this fast moving market will remain constant. I appreciate your support very much and as always I am excited to help you and anyone you know buy and sell homes and achieve their real estate goals! My updated contact information is as follows and the link below can redirect you to my new website. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this update!

Thanks so much!
Luke Juhl

If you have any questions about the transition or Real Estate, please reach out to me!

(651) 403-3189